The Final Battle

The chimes and bells of the city ringing all at once could only mean one thing – get out, the battle is lost.

The city of Root was in flames and the fort, the last place of refuge for what remained of its citizens, was being overrun. The Fungoids mind-knights roamed through the once-green streets atop their lumbering reptillian mounts, known as krawlers. They were accompanied by their enslaved mammalian homo erectus army, primitive hairless apes who were sacking and burning the once-beautiful city with it’s wood-and-stone buildings all with layers of vines, grasses and small trees growing on and through them. The seedlings playing in the flower-lined streets were long gone, replaced by the dead and dying of The Free Companies and the civilians trying to flee.

It has been a long night of fighting but the sun is beginning to crawl into the permanent orange haze of the sky. The Fungoids don’t tolerate the daylight but there doesn’t appear any sign of them letting up as they press on with their imminent victory.


Uprooted Thakazum