Mutant Sassafras


Mutant Plant

level 1
XP 0

Str 10
Dex 12
Con 17
Int 9
Wil 18 (14)
Cha 11

HP 72
AC 7


Reflective Cellular Structure – Heat
Prey Scent

Control Light Waves
Increased Willpower (+10% tech rolls)
Temperature Control – heat

Increased Balance
Parasitic Control
Poison Susceptibility

Money: 24 credits

Leather Armor
Trident (1d6)
Sling + sling stones (1d4)

Backpack containing
- crowbar
- flint and steel
- lantern
- 10 flasks of oil
- 10 days iron rations
5 water gourds (as waterskin)
2 honey jars (as Ration, unpreserved)
2 small sacks of dried spiced crickets (as Ration, trail)
1 barrel fertile soil (1lb of as 1 Ration, trail)
1 bed with bedding (as Bedroll)
1 key, handle is in the shape of a wave
1 mirror, small steel
1 jar of Truth Serum


Member of The Collegiate faction

Dilly is a contemplative lavender plant. He’s a bit shy and always attracted bullies, although he can withstand a lot of beatings. He was in the Collegiate faction researching old, found tech when recent events unfolded.


Uprooted Thakazum