Mutant Cobra Lily


Character Type: Mutant Plant
Alignment: Neutral
Hit Points: 39
Armor Class: 8

Level: 1

Ancestral Stock: Cobra Lily

Strength: 14 (1 melee To Hit, melee damage, and forcing doors)
Dexterity: 8 (
1 AC penalty, -1 missile To Hit, -1 Initiative)
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 8
Willpower: 10 + 4 = 14
Charisma: 9 (4 retainers, 7 retainer morale)

) Carnivore (7 mouths)
) Dermal Poison Sap (Class 8)
) Echolocation
) Increased Willpower (+4 WIL, +10% Technology Rolls)
) Mental Barrier (foes have -4 penalty with Mental Attacks)
) Prey Scent [D]
) Ultraviolet Vision

Club (1d4 Damage) (3gp)
Light Crossbow w/ 20 Quarrels (1d6 damage) (18gp)
Bark/Hide Armor w/ Shield (7 AC, plus DEX Penalty = 8) (15gp)
Backpack (2gp)
Crowbar (2gp)
5 Waterskins (5gp)
Grappling Hook + 50’ Silk Rope (11gp)
Flint and Steel (1gp)
5 Large Sacks (1gp)
62 GP remaining


Chuxxus, a plant of many mouths but few words, is the ideal militia grunt: he follows orders (the most typical being, “Scout ahead!” and “Bite that!”) without complaint, and lacks the ambition to climb the ranks. Left to his own devices, he would spend his days just eating and lounging in the sun.

Chuxxus is a swirling collective of carnivorous, forked leaf-tubes, and his multiple “heads” make him atypically resistant to Mental-based attack


Uprooted Thakazum